New Year: Green Fingers

I got many many lovely presents this year from lots of lovely people. #blessed. I got this gorgeous box to fill with succulents. I am attempting to be a little more creative this year. Not really a ‘New Year New Me’ thing, because I am great and always have been. I just am going to attempt to kill less plants and make a little more stuff with me bare hands. Oo err.

So for those who would also like a fabulous box of succulents to attempt not to kill, here we go.

You will need:


  • Beautiful box, or container. I am going to try to fill a few mugs, jugs, vases, old candles too.
  • Scissors
  • Plastic bag or other lining to protect container if it is wooden.
  • Compost, soil, dirt, earth, brown stuff. I used Orchid Compost.
  • Some succulents. These three were £3.99 in Homebase  alternatively, when you split your baby succulents you can use those. I currently have a ‘nursery’ window sill for all my babies to grow until I transfer them into their own pots.



Getting started.

  1. Cut out the bottom of your plastic bag. Use a thicker one or double layer it to give a good level of protection.
  2. Fill with soil.
  3. Place succulents where you want them. Succulents do not need a lot of water. I have over watered a few and unfortunately they have ended up in the Succulent graveyard (the brown bin). The best way to water a succulent (or any house plant really) is from underneath. So before you plant them sit them in a little bit of water to soak up from the roots.



All that remains is taking an Instagrammable picture and deciding where to put your beautiful new creation. Enjoy!


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