Capturing memories or forcing photos?

I am the first to admit that I am addicted to the gram. I am guilty of arranging my food slightly to get the best lighting. I am guilty of holding something up to a wall for a classic wall snap. And I am guilty of child spam and oversharing.

However. My Instagram I hope is representative of my real life. Whats really happening in the moment, the current state of my house and children and mind. At times all are in a pretty shocking state.


This totally perfect Instagrammable image for example, she was playing and I asked her to stop. I didn’t buy the balloon, get her dressed and tell her to stand here.

I am aware that occasionally it will look like I only have one child. This is because at times Primrose declines being photographed. This is her right and I would never force her to have her picture taken- unless you know for a school photo when she definitely wasn’t {totally was} bribed with the promise of a new magazine to smile nicely so we could tick that one off the parenting checklist of milestones.

Like a good friend of mine says, its like a photo album. And it honestly is. For me looking through my feed I can look back on memories and occasions and see how much the girls have grown and changed. And also occasionally get reminded of how witty and hilarious I am. *insert smug eye emoji here (seriously I don’t know how to write without them these days #thirdworldproblems)

My FAVOURITE pictures are the ones where you can see their personalities. The candid natural shots. The shots of pure joy and effervescent life on their faces. I want them to look back at their childhood and say “remember that time we went on a walk and you fell over and we found flowers and had so much fun it was bliss you were the prefect mother and a picture of serenity and calm at all times”… or something along those lines as I am sure they will. But I don’t want them to look back and think “remember that time we went on a walk so that you could take pictures of me in my new dress”.

Granted, this is probably a very very thin line. And I remember reading Claire Alexander-Johnson’s (@jetsetmama on IG- follow her, I am in love) post about it. The inner battle that goes on between protective mother and prolific oversharer of life.


This classic holiday snap features Primrose mid strop because… actually I’ve forgotten the reason for this particular one. But luckily thanks to this picture we wont forget the crabby face.

But I solemnly swear that I will only take pictures of them when they are willing, when they are happy (unless they’re having a melt down and it can be used as humour later in life or in the dark humoured corners of the Mothering internet- The Motherload), when we are documenting a genuine memory, when we are having fun and when the lighting is definitely perfect.


x o x o x o x

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